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GritPress is a WordPress powered publishing and social media management service for individual professionals, freelancers, campaigners and bloggers.

GritPress is designed to make it easy for individuals to make a good impression in the digital world.

It aims to provide users with;

  • greater control over the digital content and personal information that they share online,
  • a publishing platform that makes it easy to communicate with colleagues, clients, friends and family,
  • and a way to manage the frustrating complexity and limitations of a range different social media and content sharing services.

Building on all the native benefits of using WordPress as a blogging and content management system, GritPress will be extended with features that support personal content creation, sharing and curation. In particular it will provide an easy way to integrate content publishing with a range of social media services and enable users to better control the content they publish and share.

The GritPress network will be launching its beta phase very soon and will be available for a low monthly subscription. Those who join during the beta will get a chance to be involved in shaping the service as it develops.